Thursday, March 1, 2012

NEWS: BBC America Producing Two New Genre Shows

As ratings continue to grow - no doubt fueled by the success of Doctor Who - BBC America has announced the creation of two new shows created by British writers for the US audience.

Wired is the brainchild of Stephen Volk, writer of the controversial predicted-the-Ghost-Hunters-style-paranormal-investigation-show-years-before-it-happened-mockumentary Ghost Watch. The sci-fi show is described as:

''[taking] place in a world that looks exactly like today, except for one thing: this is a world with ‘Syns’ (‘Synthetic Organisms’), exact replicas of human beings and the newest luxury accessory money can buy. Wired explores our evolving relationship with technology, the boundaries of society’s values and moralities, our hypocrisies and contradictions – holding up a mirror to who we are today and what we might become.”

Hopefully the show's obvious attempts at cutting costs won't impact too harshly on its exploration of these themes - and will involve more than just lots of people sitting around discussion ''issues.''

The second show is a supernatural procedural, entitled The Dead Beat, in which:

''two cops, one dead and one alive, become a reluctant team, working from leads in the world of the dead to track down killers in the world of the living. Subverting the crime genre, The Dead Beat brings a whole new meaning to cold cases, underworld informants, dead leads and buried evidence.”

The Dead Beat is the creation of John Jackson, who previously wrote for the darkly humorous Being Human. Given the number of puns in the press release, it looks as if The Dead Beat may well have a similar tone.

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