Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NEWS: Fox Cancels Terra Nova

The Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur-drama Terra Nova has not been renewed for a second season.

Despite initially strong viewing figures, Fox elected not to continue production as the show ''failed to catch on in the way [they] hoped.'' The show's cool critical reception and the expense of filming each episode - the 2-hour premiere alone reportedly cost between $10 and $20 million to make -  also played their part in Fox's decision.

Fox, however, is still in discussions to find an production partner at another network and although the chances of a return are slim (given the weak reception and cost), the show may not be gone for good.


  1. Good decision. The show sucked. It had a strong premise and a ton of potential as a combination of Lost and Jurassic Park. Unfortunately it played out like a kiddie show.
    The characters were one dimensional. The story went nowhere within the first five or six episodes. Plots were conveniently wrapped up before the final commercial break and followed with a hokey closing. Instead of enticing viewers via cliffhangers, they relied on "next week on" clips. Each episode stood alone with a weak thread connecting them.
    There may have been a major plot thread running through the show, but they never really touched it. The "Sixers" were not really threatening as a villain and their existence/involvement was not fleshed out enough to make me (as a viewer) care.
    The biggest problem was that they were trying to hit too many demographics at once, which resulted in hitting none. It was too kiddie for the adults and too grown up for the kids. The action was too weak for the men and the romance too watered down for the women. Nothing on the show felt genuine.
    Luckily Fox found its Lost in Alcatraz. At least that show knows its audience and how to connect with them.

    1. I agree - to me it felt very much written by committee, like somebody had analysed all the elements of popular shows and tried to combine them to make some kind of uber-show. Which of course, never works.

      I have to admit I didn't get into Alcatraz, though.

  2. I figured this might happen sadly.

    1. It's always sad when a genre show doesn't work-out but I just didn't get Terra Nova at all.


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