Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation - Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser Packaging

Earlier this week we got our first look at the GI Joe: Retaliation Cobra Commander in the new toy packaging. Now it's the turn of the GI Joe team's Conrad ''Duke'' Hauser.

Conrad "Duke" Hauser is an elite special ops commando on the G.I. Joe team. He has fought Cobra before and is always ready to continue the battle. Armed with a powerful Quad Blaster, he faces any challenge that Cobra throws at him!

It's interesting to note that Hasbro appears to be using the Arashikage symbol to indicate ''good guys'' - compare this to the previously-seen Cobra Commander packaging and you'll see what I mean...

Expect to see Duke and the other first wave figures in stores ahead of the GI Joe: Retaliation movie release this Summer.

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