Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Snake Eyes and Roadblock Carded Figure Images

Following on from yesterday's GI Joe: Retaliation Wave 1 Zartan, here's our first look at wave-mates Snake Eyes and Roadblock.

Roadblock - for reasons only known to Hasbro (but it's safe to assume it's budget-related) comes with a weapon molded to his right hand. Yes, you're reading that correctly - he has a non-removable weapon in his hand. The mind boggles.

From the look of the ''pistol'' design, it appears to slot into the over-sized missile launcher included with the figure.

Snake Eyes includes the de rigueur brightly-colored weapon (in this case, an assault rifle - thankfully his sword is cast from a more sensible black plastic) and features a ''working zip line'' backpack/accessory.

Expect to see the GI Joe: Retaliation Wave 1 figures on shelves toward the end of May, ahead of the movie's launch in June.


  1. Ugh, for some reason that gray on Snake Eyes is killing him for me. I don't get the molded gun/clip in Roadblock's hand, or the odd colored weapons coming with the figures; but with the Avengers figures showing major cost-cutting measures I am starting to get worried about the 4" scale.

    1. Hasbro claim this first Wave is not ''movie-accurate'' as they didn't have time to get the toys into production to coincide with the launch and that the subsequent figures will be closer to their on-screen counterparts. But that still doesn't explain the horrible weapon palette and odd stuff like the molded-weapon hands...


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