Monday, April 30, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Renegades and Retaliation Packs In Stock at Amazon

But wait - there's more!

As we previously reported, the four-figure pack features exclusive variants of Snake Eyes (sporting a very cool trench coat, no doubt borrowed from Nick Fury) and Storm Shadow (with bare arms), plus Duke and a Cobra Ninja. The pack retails at $39.95 but as it's fulfilled by Amazon themselves, shipping is free.

And if you can't wait until next month to get your hands on the GI Joe: Retaliation figures then you'll be pleased to see this rather cool four figure ''Premiere Pack.'' Featuring Storm Shadow, Cobra Commander, Roadblock and Snake Eyes this early release boxed set is also available now at just $39.95 (again, with free shipping.)


  1. the renegades pack is allready out of stock ?

    1. Wow. That didn't take long! But given how many people missed out on Storm Shadow it's not really that surprising.


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