Friday, April 6, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Figures on Ebay

They're not due to hit retail for another couple of months or so, but if you fancy getting a preview of what we can expect from the GI Joe: Retaliation figures then the place to go is... Ebay?

As reported at the HISS Tank, the Wave 1 figures of Zartan and the Red Ninja have both been put up for sale on the auction site, along with some new pictures of what appear to be final production-quality (but not packaged) releases.

Zartan includes interchangeable disguise heads (complete with light-pipe feature), a rather hi-tech crossbow, a quarrel of bolts and a double-katana sheath. Unless Hasbro has an abundance of stands they're bundling at the packaging stage, it looks as if the new figures do not come with bases.

The Red Ninja is a re-tool/re-color of the excellent Renegades Storm Shadow figure and comes with twin swords (although no signs of a sheath for them), removable sash and a grappling/zip line. 


  1. Well that did not take long for them to leak out to Ebay.

    1. Indeed. But that said, they're supposed to hit retail next month...


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