Monday, April 30, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Toys Pre-Order Info

With the movie's release just a couple of months away, Hasbro's line of GI Joe: Retaliation tie-in toys will be hitting the shelves very soon. But if you're worried about getting your hands on this first wave of toys when they land at retail then fear not, as the figures and vehicles of Wave 1 are available now to pre-order online.

The line-up for Wave 1 features a number of ''inspired by'' character likenesses (Wave 2 onward, the figures are closer to their on-screen counterparts) and sees a line-up of fan favorites such as Cobra Commander, Zartan, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, Duke and Storm Shadow joined by the Red Ninja, Cobra Trooper and GI Joe Trooper figures. Although some of the basic figure sculpts are pretty neat the accessories are a little wanting, with the figures falling foul of Hasbro's fetish for producing day glo-colored, toy-like weaponry. And the less said about Roadblock's ''key hands'' - which feature pre-molded/pre-attached and non-removable weapons - the better...

It wouldn't be a GI Joe release without some vehicles and the first wave of Retaliation toys is no exception. First up, the Alpha Vehicle motorcycle assortment features the Wheel Blaster with Firefly (pictured above) and Ninja Speed Cycle (with Snake Eyes), with the Bravo Vehicle line-up including the Cobra Fang Boat (which is another repaint of the vehicle used to create the Sting Raider), the Ninja Commando 4x4 (a repackaged Pursuit of Cobra AWE Striker) and the Tread Ripper Tank (based on the never-officially-released Cobra HISS Scout). Rounding-off the vehicle line-up are the Delta Class releases, featuring the movie HISS Tank and the Ghost Hawk transporter. Note that the figures bundled with these toys feature limited articulation.

Finally there's a host of roleplay toys and 10'' figures which, let's face it, are going to wind-up shelfwarming in Big Lots a year from now...

Anyway, check-out the full assortment for yourself:

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