Monday, April 16, 2012

NEWS: New Marvel Universe Packaging Shots

After the last, rather lackluster wave of Marvel Universe figures (which I left sitting on the shelf) it's cool to see Hasbro not only diversifying the line with some superb additions and - as you can see from the above image originally posted at Cool Toy Review - doing such a great job of it, to boot. 

I'm certainly looking forward to getting my hands on Kraven and Kang (both being particular childhood favorites of mine) but the She-Hulk, Future Foundation Spidey, Beta Ray Bill and Scarlet Witch are also sure to find their way into my collection (providing I can find them at retail...)

Look for these figures landing at retail very soon.


  1. Kang! I might actually buy that one and the FF Spidey which means i will be needing that Future Foundation 4-Pack now. : )

    1. The FF pack is surprisingly easy to find, to be honest, given it's supposedly the ''variant'' pack!


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