Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe ''Basic'' Figure Reviews

Although there's still some speculation as to when and where - or indeed, if - we'll see the upcoming GI Joe ''Basic'' figures, that doesn't mean we should ignore them. So when a series of photo reviews appeared online featuring the first wave of figures, you know we were all over them.

HISS Tank poster - and Philippines resident - danielgogeta was kind enough to not only hunt down these toys but also share some rather awesome photo reviews of each figure. Although we're currently still waiting to see where these figures will hit in the US (the smart money seems to be on Dollar General right now) here's a list of links to each of Daniel's photo reviews you can use to get excited about/torture yourself with.

We'll - hopefully - bring you our Reviews of these figures very soon (or as soon as we can find them...)


  1. I hope to get a couple of Storm Shadows from these releases i think they look just awesome.

    1. Aw man - I speed-read that as ''I got a couple of Storm Shadows.'' I thought you'd found them at retail!


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