Friday, May 25, 2012

NEWS: Hasbro Comments on GI Joe: Retaliation Delay

Following the news that GI Joe: Retaliation's release has been pushed back until 2013, collectors of the GI Joe toys have been speculating as to what impact this will have on the line. Now Hasbro has gone on record with a statement regarding the property's future.

G.I. Joe is an ongoing consumer franchise and therefore there is merchandise available to consumers. There is a limited amount of G.I. Joe Retaliation product at retail now, but in light of the movie moving out to March 29, 2013, the majority of the movie line will be made available early next year in time for the film’s release.

So in other words the toys currently on sale will be the only Retaliation toys in stores until closer to the movie's release and the later Waves will not land until 2013. It's worth noting the conspicuous absence of any comment regarding a specific replacement/interim line though, which leaves the Dollar General-exclusive Basic Assortment figures as the only GI Joe toy line currently in production. Here's hoping that's not the case and Hasbro has a contingency plan in place.

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