Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NEWS: Kick-Ass 2

The not-so-super superhero Kick-Ass is set to get a second big-screen outing.

As reported at Deadline, production on a sequel to 2010's real-life superhero flick could go into production as early as August of this year - if Universal can agree on terms with the returning cast members Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) and Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl.)

Sadly original Kick-Ass Director Matthew Vaughn's commitments to the as-yet-untitled X Men: First Class sequel have ruled him out of the role but according to Deadline he's given his full support to new Director (and screenwriter) Jeff Wadlow. It's unclear yet as to whether Kick-Ass 2 will be an adaptation of the follow-up comic or an original work.

We'll bring you more when we have it.

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