Tuesday, May 15, 2012

NEWS: Matty Collector May Sale Today!

Just a reminder that today sees Matty Collector's May sale, featuring such new releases as the Masters of the Universe Classics Slush Head (pictured above), Stinkor and The Mighty Spector, along with a few classics such as He-Man and Skeletor, plus for DC Universe fans it's your chance to get your hands on the Golden Age Flash (a figure whose costume always confused me: why didn't his plate-shaped helmet simply fall off when he ran at anything more than a brisk trot? Does he have really good posture? Or is he flexing his scalp muscles at a hyper-accelerated rate to grip it to his noggin?)

Anyway, check-out the full line up at MattyCollector.com and be ready for when the items go on sale at 9AM PST.

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