Wednesday, May 16, 2012

NEWS: Warlords and Warriors

If you're a fan of retro action figures or a child of the 80s then you need to check out this rather awesome line of 5 3/4'' figures, Warlords and Warriors.

Taking a visual cue from 80s toy lines such as The Masters of the Universe, Visionaries and other such classic ranges, the Warlords and Warriors line features retro-styled barbarian hero and demonic villain figures with 5-points of articulation and - in an interesting twist - a pop-on/pop-off joint system that allows for parts to be switched between figures!

Although Zoloworld and H8 Club Designs - the brains behind Warlords and Warriors - haven't released a lot of details yet, you can learn more (and check out some behind-the-scenes production shots and more awesome 80s toy catalog-style shots) at their Facebook Page.

With thanks to Galaxxor.


  1. Replies
    1. They look very cool. I love those retro catalog-style pics.


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