Friday, May 18, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Beauty & The Beast Remake (CW)

Here's our first look at The CW's update of the 80s drama, Beauty & The Beast. The modern show features a new back story for Catherine in the form of the murder of her mother by unknown assailants and her subsequent quest to solve it will no doubt be a prime motivator for the character and an ongoing story arc (so expect lots of betrayals, cover-ups, conspiracies, shocking revelations about her mother's actual character and more) and a Vincent who, unlike the original, merely shape-shifts into being a lion-faced freak. Because, you know, a pretty girl being in love with a guy who's butt-ugly all the time, is just like so gross and icky but this new approach of having him being handsome too is, you know, like totally true to the original show's concept and is a totally profound statement about the duality of man.

On the plus-side, at least it means we can be treated to such phenomenally good* promotional art as this:

* By ''good'' I mean of course, ''Badly Photoshopped by somebody obsessed with smoothing-out any actual resemblance to a real human being.''

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