Monday, June 18, 2012

NEWS: DST's Expendables Figures Revealed

Fans of GI Joe unhappy with the more ''kiddified'' approach Hasbro has adopted for the recent GI Joe: Retaliation toys might just want to check-out the upcoming Expendables 2 action figures, coming soon from Diamond Select Toys.

We've already seen the Minimates line-up from the first movie, but here's our first look at the sequel's line-up in brick-figure form. Available in October, the Specialty/Comic selection features Yin-Yang, Gunner Jensen, Toll-Road (who I presume is Roadblock's other cousin) and Jean Villain. Meanwhile, Toys R Us will be carrying the four-figure assortment featuring Barney Ross, Trench Mauser, Mr Church and Booker, as played by Chuck Norris. Insert your own Internet meme here.

But no, realistic Joe fans, I haven't forgotten about you - nor has Diamond Select, who'll be launching the first Wave of 7'' action figures in November. Featuring Barney Ross, Hale Caesar and Gunner Jensen, complete with lifelike character sculpts, removable gear, movie-themed weapons and more.

Learn more at the Art Asylum Blog and be sure to keep an eye out for these figures later this year.

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