Friday, July 27, 2012

NEWS: BifBangPow's Twilight Zone Line Reshuffled

Purveyors of super-cool retro, Mego-style dolls, BifBangPow! has announced the cancellation of a number of proposed releases from their Twilight Zone line-up.

In a statement on their website, the company explained that it had been working with CBS Consumer Products to secure specific character and likeness rights but had been unable to reach an agreement over a number of key figures. As a result the company will no longer be releasing over a dozen previously planned dolls, including the recently announced Santa Claus and Maya the Cat Girl, plus future releases including Rod Serling himself and the Five Characters in Search of an Exit line-up of dolls.

You can read the full statement - along with the line-up of cancelled releases - here:

BifBangPow: The Twilight Zone 8 Inch EMCE Action Figure Update

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