Wednesday, July 25, 2012

NEWS: Blake's 7 Reboot in the Works

Sci-fi drama Blake's 7 could be making a return... courtesy of Bond director Martin Campbell.

According to Deadline (by way of SFX), Campbell is currently shopping a pilot - scripted by Heroes scribe Joe Pokaski -  around the US networks that would see the show rebooted for a modern audience.

Although attempts have been made in the past to revive the show (2007 saw an attempt made to bring Blake's 7 to a new audience via UK-based Sky TV) this is the first time B7 Productions has taken the project outside of the UK, so here's hoping that following on from the success of such relaunches as Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica, there's a network out there savvy enough to see the potential of a new take on the classic sci-fi series.

Blake's 7 was the brainchild of Doctor Who writer (and creator of the Daleks) Terry Nation. Set in a future ruled by the tyrannical Terran Federation, the show focused on the efforts of framed political activist Roj Blake and his unlikely crew of thieves and outlaws. The show was the antithesis of its stablemate Doctor Who (and of course, Star Trek), featuring morally bankrupt characters, dystopian themes and stories that rarely saw our ''heroes'' actually ''win.'' Although by today's standards the show suffers from weak effects and some rather... expressive acting, during its day it was hugely popular and spawned a number of spin-off books, comics and audio plays.

Source: Deadline / SFX

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