Tuesday, July 31, 2012

NEWS: Club Eternia 2013 Gallery

In an effort to further entice any potential Club Eternia subscribers who might be sitting on the fence as to whether they wish to renew their subs for 2013, Matty Collector has just released a gallery of the year's offerings - which finally includes the fan-favorite (and so far missing from the line) Ram Man.

It's been made clear by Mattel that subscriptions for their DC Universe-themed Club Infinite Earths and the Masters of the Universe Classics collector club, Club Eternia, are down and that unless there's a serious upswing in subscriber numbers, both lines may not be moving forward. So if you'd like to support the lines, then be sure to renew your subs before the August 6th deadline.

Anyway, onto the figures...

Netossa, the January 2013 monthly figure
February's Monthly Figure, Jitsu
Fan Man, the March 2013 Figure of the Month
King He-Man, a bonus subs-only figure
Ram Man, the first of the quarterly oversized/variant figures
The Fighting Foe Men, another variant/oversized release
Strobo, a ''traveling convention figure'' No, I don't know either.
You can read more at the Matty Collector Facebook Page.

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