Monday, July 9, 2012

NEWS: DC Collectibles Launches 3.75'' Figure Line

I've never been a fan of DC-related action figures. It's not that I don't like the characters or the DC universe, but more that I've always been put off by the fact that the 6'' figures are a little on the pricey side and that the 3.75'' figures were always so poorly articulated. But now it looks as if that could all be about to change with the announcement that DC Collectibles is to launch a line of highly-poseable 3.75'' figures. 

Which are to Con-exclusive releases.


Here's hoping DC Collectibles change their mind on their limited release policy, as a 3 3/4'', super-articulated DC line would definitely give Hasbro's Marvel Universe line a run for their money.


  1. DC "Is it to late to jump on the MARVEL UNIVERSE bandwagon of success like we should have done in the first place instead of making DCIH?"

    Oh DC, will you ever learn? Quick take your license back from Mattel and save yourselves!

    1. I know. I'd be all over a well-articulated 3.75'' DC line...

  2. Con-Exclusives makes me say boo but am excited by these and who knows they may turn up in stores at a later date.


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