Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NEWS: Hasbro's SDCC-Exclusive Marvel Sets

I'm beginning to believe Hasbro has shares in Ebay. How else do you explain the limited number releases of such in-demand figures as the GI Joe: Renegades Storm Shadow and - now - these rather awesome Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends three packs as San Diego Comic Con-exclusives?

For fans of the 4'' figure - who happen to be attending the Con or don't mind paying the re-seller price - Hasbro has produced this rather cool Masters of Evil pack, featuring Baron Zemo, Tiger Shark and Radioactive Man (no, not that one.)

Whilst I can pass on the other two, I have to admit that the Baron Zemo figure has me drooling. Here's hoping Hasbro decides at a later date to release him to us mere mortals.

At the 6'' scale, Hasbro has this very cool Marvel Legends ''Fall of Archangel'' three-pack, which includes Archangel, Wolverine and Psylocke. Although each of these figures has been seen in the Marvel Universe line, this is the first time Archangel and Psylocke have appeared at the 6'' scale, plus there's a snazzy X-Force variant costume Wolverine.

See the full galleries over at The ToyArk.


  1. Oh man that Baron Zemo looks great!

    1. Tell me about it... Hopefully with the upcoming MU figures diversifying the line-up somewhat, somebody at Hasbro will maybe consider giving this a proper release.


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