Thursday, July 12, 2012

SDCC 2012: Hasbro's GI Joe: Retaliation Figures & Vehicles (Updated)

It was already upsetting enough as a collector to know that the remainder of 2012 was going to be pretty much a GI Joe-free zone. Now Hasbro has only gone and rubbed salt into the wounds by unveiling some seriously awesome-looking figures at the San Diego Comic Con.

The new GI Joe: Retaliation figures may still retain the kid-friendly packaging and not include stands, but collectors who found little in the first wave to get excited about will be changing their tune when these figures hit retail next year, I'm sure.

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The HISS Tank


  1. A whole lot of Ninja action which am down with! I can't wait.

    1. Indeed. That Ultimate Duke is particularly cool.


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