Wednesday, July 11, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Half in the Bag Reviews The Amazing Spider-Man

If you've never seen Harry Plinkett's incredible Star Wars Prequel Reviews, you should put aside the rest of the day to go watch them.  But before you do, here's the latest episode of movie review show Half in the Bag, in which Mr Plinkett's ''friends'' Jay and Mike take a look at The Amazing Spider-Man.

Please note that this video probably contains swearing, ''adult'' humor and other material unsuitable for minors.


  1. lOVED THE DARJEELING LIMITED? In the matter of one sentence I lost all respect for these guys. When he said Tenenbaums I thought for sure he was gonna say Limited and ugh. TDL was next to AIR AMERICA as the worst movie I've ever seen.

    1. In all honesty, I rarely listen to movie critics, as there are some movies I love that are hated and vice-versa. I watch more for the gags, truth be told. :)


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