Monday, July 23, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Red Dwarf X Trailer

Red Dwarf may not be a show US viewers are familiar with (thanks mostly to the US' aborted attempts to produce their own version that failed miserably) but that's all - hopefully - about to change with the upcoming Tenth Season of the sci-fi comedy.

Red Dwarf follows the exploits of Dave Lister, the last human being in the universe. Accompanied by a hologram of his dead commanding officer (and by ''commanding officer'' I mean ''guy he worked with who was only in charge by default (and in his own imagination)'' - they were both low-ranking janitorial staff), a protocol-obsessed android and a cat-being that evolved from his pet, Lister spends his days bumming around the galaxy aboard mining ship, Red Dwarf. Despite the show's sci-fi trappings, it attracted a large mainstream crowd at the height of its broadcast thanks to the character-themed gags and its habit of poking fun at sci-fi cliches (although at the same time it did manage to explore a number of sci-fi themed elements more successfully than its serious counterparts.)

Originally produced for the BBC, UK channel Dave (yes, there's a TV channel called ''Dave'') produced a three episode mini-series in 2009 after the BBC's original run ended ten years earlier. Now Dave has given the greenlight for six new episodes, which are set to air in the UK this Autumn. Here's hoping BBC America will pick the show up soon.


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