Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

Here's the new trailer for the direct-to-video sequel to Universal's terrible 2010 reboot of the 1930s classic, The Wolf Man. And if that sentence doesn't exemplify what's wrong with movies these days, I don't know what does.

Anyway, the sequel - which is now going by the name Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (note, not The Wolf Man: The Beast Among Us) - is an ''action-packed thriller'' that sees the lupine horror being tracked by a band of werewolf hunters, chief among them a Not Remotely Steampunk lady with goggles and a flamethrower. No doubt her zeppelin and collection of cog-covered waistcoats will put in an appearance at some point, too.

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us is set for an October 9th release in the US, making it an ideal Halloween gift. For somebody you don't like.

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