Thursday, August 2, 2012

KICKSTARTER: Villain - Hunter of Heroes

Not content with being one of the most (in)famous toy artists in the world, appearing on Bravo TV and hosting his own live chat show, The Sucklord has turned his attention now to the world of cinema.

Villain is a feature-length movie that's currently in the pre-production stages. Taking its cues from the ''real life superhero'' phenomenon, Villain is set to star The Sucklord as the titular lead, as a twisted, psychotic individual who targets the real-life superheroes of New York. All that's needed now is the funding to make the movie, which is why Director James Felix McKenney has turned to Kickstarter.

Like all good Kickstarter projects, there are some pretty neat incentives to be had should you decide to back the movie, including on-screen credits, sticker packs and - perhaps coolest of all - Villain action figures, as created by The Sucklord himself.

Right now the $50,000 needed to fund the movie is still a way off, but here's hoping the final two weeks of pledges will see  that target hit.

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