Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NEWS: Critters Inspired Mini Figures

I've got to admit that the Critters movies are pretty neat. Sure, they may have started life as a simple Gremlins knock-off - sorry, ''tie-in'' to use the phraseology of The Asylum - but the movies managed to genuinely distance themselves from their humble origins and whilst they're hardly Oscar worthy efforts, they're entertaining for what they are. And it seems I'm not the only one who's a fan, as this new line of Critters-inspired mini figures proves.

The figures are a collaboration between sculptor The Amazing Zectron, BigManToys and Man-E-Toys but what's interesting is that the figures will be cast in different mediums, with Lee at BigManToys producing a line of Resin figures and Man-E-Toys' Tru:Tek casting his from rubber to produce a Keshi-style figure. That's The Amazing Zectron's single sculpt, available in two different forms!

The figures will be on sale from Friday August 24th, with each coming with its own card header and instruction manual. Lee is also offering a limited edition run of figures that come in their own egg-shaped containers. Very cool.

We'll bring you more nearer the time but for now you can learn more at:


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