Monday, August 6, 2012

NEWS: Toy Box Kids

There was a time - before the Internet and before every toy or game was a licensed product based on the TV show of the movie of the toy of the focus group's feedback - when graphic designers had to actually work for a living. You couldn't just stick a Photoshopped screen-cap of Hunk Manchest on the pack along with some shouty graphics and expect it to fly off the shelf.

You see, back then the packaging was the first contact between product and potential buyer and - as such - it had to not only convey what was in the pack but also make you excited about it. And what says ''excitement'' more than images of excited kids and their families playing with the toys?

Now you can revisit these simpler, more innocent times courtesy of the rather awesome Toy Box Kids (and thanks to Shezcrafti for spotting this originally), which showcases some of the best in toy and game packaging design - including this rather disturbing ''Spin the Bottle'' cover, presumably from the same people who brought you ''Seven Minutes in Heaven: Grandma's in the Closet Edition.''

Toy Box Kids

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