Monday, September 10, 2012

NEWS: The CW Plans Wonder Woman: The Early Years

After ABC's appallingly bad attempt to bring her exploits to the small screen, it seems The CW is giving Wonder Woman another crack of the whip.

According to The Vulture (via SFX), The CW is planning a Smallville-style ''Wonder Woman: The Early Years'' show. Currently being developed under the working title of Amazon, the show would recount the earliest adventures of Diana and her training on the island of Themysciria as she learns of her heritage and comes to grips with her powers and abilities.

How not to do it.
Although the show's development is dependent upon the script - which is being penned by Grey's Anatomy, The OC and Young Avengers scribe Allan Heinberg - they seem confident that they've struck upon what could be a potentially strong core for the show's development. After all, Smallville managed to run for years before the Man of Steel finally donned his famous trunks, so who's to say that same magic couldn't work for Wonder Woman?

Read more at SFX.

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