Monday, September 17, 2012

NEWS: First Look at New RoboCop

The first shots of the updated RoboCop from the 2013-remake-of-the-same-title have sprung-up online. And we've got them after the jump.

The images, which first appeared at give us our first look at Joel Kinnaman (a name that sounds like a Japanese wrestler) as Alex Murphy in his RoboCop armor. And it looks... different.

What do you think? Too close to Batman? Or a more fitting, darker look over the original's silver and chrome?


  1. Not a fan. It looks like a strange cross between Batman and Iron Man. They should have just took the old suit and gave it a bit more of a 'high tech' look instead of doing a whole new design.

    1. Yeah, I'm hoping it's some weird motion capture suit and they're going to add some awesome effects afterward (although a physical suit would have been better.)


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