Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NEWS: Shrunken Head's Nathan Grantham Delayed

Shrunken Head Studios has announced a delay launching its Creepshow figure, Nathan Grantham.

From their Facebook Page:

Dear Customers-

As you know SHS has been working very hard to bring you the first ever collectibles from the beloved horror anthology.... CREEPSHOW! I’ve been personally keeping a close eye on the progress of this current project. And trying to keep you all posted as information becomes available.

At this time I do regret to inform you that Nathan Grantham from “Father’s Day” will be late. This 
is due to complications through our factory. SHS wants to assure you that this is being handled quickly to get your orders filled! I do realize this is an inconvenience to you all and you have my most sincere apologies.

I wanted to at least put your mind at ease that you WILL be getting these collectibles! Just not at the original date we intended on. We are now regrouping and looking at a delivery date of APRIL/ MAY 2013.

SHS wants to thank you all for your patience, comments, business and above all support! I also personally would like to say thank you to the fans and collectors who have followed me on this journey because you believe in this company and our vision. I promise this is only a temporary set back. And as a man of my word everything will be back on track ASAP.


Brian Dooley/ President
Shrunken Head Studios, LLC

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