Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEWS: Sony Pictures Plans Manimal Remake

80s shape-shifting adventure series Manimal is to get the big screen treatment.

According to THR, Sony Pictures Animation has picked up the rights to the (rather camp) adventure show, which starred Simon McCorkindale as Dr Jonathan Chase. Chase had the ability to transform into any living creature yet despite - or probably because of - the show's premise, Manimal was cancelled after just 8 episodes, due in part to the limited budget, which saw each plot constructed around the limited transformation effects (even though they were provided by FX wizard Stan Winston.)

Now Sony Pictures Animation - the studio behind the smash-hit Smurfs movie - is hoping to capture that same mix of nostalgia and excitement with their new spin on Manimal, which - presumably - would use a similar blend of animation and live action.

The Hollywood Reporter: 'Manimal' TV Show Being Turned Into Movie at Sony Pictures Animation

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