Friday, October 26, 2012

AFFILIATE LINK: The Walking Dead TV Series 3 Action Figure Set

If you don't want your enjoyment of AMC's The Walking Dead to remain spoiler free I'd avoid looking too closely at the above image (although given that every trailer seems to feature Michael Rooker popping up, you probably already know what's coming) but with that said, feast your eyes on just how freaking awesome the upcoming Wave 3 of these Walking Dead (TV) action figures is! The five-piece set includes Michonne, Merle, the ''Autopsy Zombie'' and Michonne's twinned pair of zombie ''pets,'' plus an assortment of accessories, weapons and removable parts.

Series 3 won't be hitting shelves until March 2013 but given how popular the show has become, do you really want to risk trying to find these toys at your local retailer? Especially as you can pre-order the full set now, courtesy of Entertainment Earth, then sit back, relax and enjoy the zombie apocalypse in peace.

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