Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NEWS: Community Returns on October 19th... Next February

NBC has announced a new air-date for the fourth season of Community.

Originally set to return on October 19th 2012, Community was pulled from the schedule at the last minute, with NBC's rather nonsensical comments stating they wished to concentrate on their other shows that aired earlier in the week and they intended keeping the show ''in their back pocket'' for a later date (so in other words as a replacement for the 100 new comedies they'd be launching and pulling after just three episodes.) 

We've now learned that October 19th is now February 7th 2013, when the show's fourth - and rumored final - Season will return to US screens. Interestingly, Community's Canadian home City TV had originally announced the show would return to Mooselandian screens in November. This has since been changed to a ''February 2013'' airdate. Although this shift again means a longer wait for fans, NBC has at least had enough sense not to move the show to the previously discussed Friday night slot.

We'll bring you more on this when NBC reschedules the Community's return to August 9th 2019. On I-Tunes.

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