Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NEWS: New Realm of the Underworld Acromancer Image

Here's a new shot of the final production version of the Realm of the Underworld Acromancer (Underworld Edition.) There's not much else to add beyond that but given how super-cool this retro look is, we thought you might like seeing it as much as we did. 

The Acromancer - along with the rest of the Series 1 line-up - is available to pre-order now through the Realm of the Underworld website.


  1. This look too sweet! I might have to get this one.

  2. Ok the wife Pre-Ordered me this one and Hercules for X-Mas so i can not wait!

    1. Cool! I'll look forward to seeing them get the Cosmic Ark treatment!

    2. I hope i will not be let down by these so we shall see.

    3. I think they will be - no offense intended - a bit ''boot-leggish'' but in a good, art toy way (if you see what I mean.)


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