Friday, November 16, 2012

AFFILIATE LINK: Six Million Dollar Man and Bigfoot Retro Action Figures

Leaping from the annals of TV history (complete with that sound effect) comes this fantastic retro-style Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin and his robotic alien foe, Bigfoot.

Both ''Mego-like'' figures are at the 8'' ''new retro'' scale (Bigfoot stands at over 9 1/2 inches!) feature multiple points of articulation, cloth clothing/accessories and a host of other super-cool play features. And if that wasn't enough, this double-order also includes an exclusive Six Million Dollar Man electronic sound FX key chain!

With this version of Steve Austin sporting his iconic tracksuit and the popularity of Bigfoot in the show's history, this pairing is sure to be a fast-selling item. So to avoid disappointment act now and get your order in at bionic speed before they're gone!

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