Monday, November 26, 2012

NEWS: - A GI Joe Collector Site

Collecting a line with such a history as GI Joe is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it means there's a huge back-catalog of action figures, accessories and vehicles available to hunt down. But on the other hand, it means there's a huge back-catalog of action figures, accessories and vehicles you need to complete your collection. And given the age of some of these toys, chances are - unless you've a lot of cash or were an obsessively prissy child - you won't ever have them all. But now thanks to a new website you can at least enjoy these vintage toys virtually.

3DJoes is the brainchild of lifelong Joe collector Carson of The GI Joe Museum and allows users to view and experience the toys from the vintage line via a gallery of high-res images and - coolest of all - a rather nifty 3D photo system, presenting each toy as a manipulate-able 3D ''surround'' image.

Although the site focuses predominantly on the ''golden age'' of Joes, new content is added regularly, including some stunning images of Sideshow's Baroness Premium Format Figure, with more figures, vehicles and toys coming soon. And if the toys themselves aren't enough, then check out the Catalog section, where you'll find scans of the line's promotional materials, repros of special offers and much more.

Check it out for yourself - but be warned: you'll be spending a lot of time here. I've barely scratched the surface and am already about 20 minutes behind for the day...


  1. Thanks for the coverage! Sorry to get you behind on your work :-)

    1. Haha! Don't worry - it was time well-spent and enjoyed!


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