Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NEWS: Castle Grayskull Pre-Sale Update

Still wondering whether the Castle Grayskull pre-sale target was met yesterday? Well, it seems Mattel is wondering the exact same thing, too...

ToyHypeUSA has just spotted this comment from Mattel's Scott ''Toyguru'' Neitlich, regarding the current status of the pre-sale.

We had a few bulk orders and have to verify if they are true. If you receive a courtesy email or call from CS, it will really help if you can confirm your order. This is holding up the tally right now. 

If these are true orders, awesome. It really helps. If not, we may not make it. So please bare with us as we verify some unusual orders to make sure we know if we are there or not.

And you thought it Florida was bad...

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