Monday, November 26, 2012

NEWS: DST Reveals Toys R Us-Exclusive Battle Beast Minimates

The big drawback of taking a Thanksgiving break - endless turkey-based meals aside - is that you sometimes miss out on some cool stuff in the world of toys and toy-related news. And here's a prime example of that: Diamond Select Toys' revealing the line-up of Toys R Us-exclusive Battle Beast Minimates.

Although there's no release date yet, expect to see these two-packs landing at your local Toys R Us soon. And for those wondering, here's the breakdown of each pairing, showing the whom with a what and the when for.

Antalor vs. Nychirix
Gruntos vs Scalpus
Merk vs Spidron
Vorin vs Scorpus

 See more at the Art Asylum Blog.

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