Friday, November 30, 2012

NEWS: Warlords of Wor Bog-Nar DIY & Booster Kit

ManOrMonster? Studios has announced a couple of very cool additions to their Warlords of Wor line: the DIY Bog-Nar and the Unnatural Pack.

Available now in the ManOrMonster? Studios store, the Unnatural Pack is the first ''booster'' set of accessories/parts, with the DIY Bog-Nar being an unpainted/''blank'' edition of the super-cool muck-man.

From the ManOrMonster? Studios blog:

The Unnatural Pack is the first booster kit for the Warlords of Wor line and includes 2 Bog-Nar arms and an additional Vine Arm accessory to transform your Bog-Nar into an even more fearsome monstrosity! The Unnatural Pack comes bagged with a header card and contains Wor Bucks proof-of-purchase points and a sticker. 

And for you customizing freaks, I'm making available DIY versions of ALL the Warlords of Wor toys! These are cast in plain white resin and are ready to be painted, decorated, bedazzled or otherwise customized however you see fit. DIY Bog-Nar comes with the complete figure and the Vine Arm accessory. Please note, he does NOT include the Tekno-Shears weapon OR the Build-A-Figure component. Those are only available with the standard Bog-Nar. All DIY editions will come packaged in B&W versions of the original releases, complete with Wor Bucks proof-of-purchase points, stickers, or other printed materials.
DIY editions are also half the cost of the standard releases, so they're fun AND economical!

Grab yours now or check the blog for more info.

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