Friday, November 2, 2012

VIDEO VIEW: Box-O-Zombies - The Game

Box-O-Zombies, Immersive Realms, Eight Bit Studios and Pixeldom have begun development of the Box-O-Zombies mobile game for iOS that is expected to launch at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 23rd, 2013. A preview of the game with a video and art assets is now available at

The Box-O-Zombies game will be a standalone mobile game experience based on the awesome intellectual property of the Box-O-Zombies toys, but will utilize a connectable, collectible series of zombie figures that will connect via the included bluetooth enabled NFC puck to unlock exclusive in-game content. 

Pixeldom introduces a new form of in-game currency by allowing Pixels as an accepted form of payment, aside from real world dollars, for in-game purchasing. Pixels will allow players to purchase items with the digital social currency they have earned through the game and/or the Pixeldom website.

The Box-O-Zombies game is a civilization rebuilding and tower defense style mobile game that will allow you to discover the story of the mysterious Box-O-Zombies as well as rebuild your own civilization during a zombie apocalypse.

Progress of the game can be followed at the game preview site: as well as on the Facebook and Twitter accounts of Box-O-Zombie, Pixeldom, and Eight Bit Studios.

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