Monday, December 3, 2012

NEWS: Big Chief Studios Customer Update

Big Chief Studios has posted an update to clarify the situation regarding the delayed release of their upcoming Amy Pond figure and the pre-order status of their 4th and 10th Doctor figures.

Important Customer Update
Amy Pond Status, Tenth Doctor Pre-order & more...

We know that many of you have been eagerly awaiting news regarding the release of our Amy Pond 1:6 scale collector figure. Again we can only apologise for the continued delay, we appreciate that you guys were hoping to have Amy prior to the festive period. Unfortunately the figure will not arrive in time for the holidays.

As we previously informed you, the problems that our vendor encountered, trying to utilize the female tooling transferred from our original vendor, meant that we had to re-tool the body completely. Tooling a complete figure is costly for any company, more so given that we had already paid for the faulty tooling and have thus far been unable to seek any financial redress from the original vendor.

Our plan was to release both figures at the same time, the sales from which would have ensured sufficient revenue to proceed with the next figures in the range. Given that we have only been able to release the Eleventh Doctor to date, we were not able to generate the necessary revenues.

We have spent countless days, weeks, months working on securing the funding to move forward, not only with Amy, but the next products in our range. This has not proven to be an easy task in such a difficult economic climate.

However, we are pleased to inform you that the tooling for the female body is very much underway and Amy is busily being completed. Our vendor is pushing to complete the figure by the end of January to ship prior to the Spring Festival Chinese New Year holiday, the first week of February 2013. We must stress that this date is NOT yet confirmed and the ship date may slip to the first week of March, when the vendors return to work. In short we can expect Amy to land either the first week of March, or the first week of April. Shipping to our customers will of course begin once we have the goods in our warehouse and payment has been received and cleared.

The new female body sample that we have received is excellent and we are really happy with the new figure prototype. We will share some images with you guys in coming posts at a later date.

We have received numerous emails and messages via our Facebook page from many of you regarding the pre-order of our Tenth Doctor figure. We shared a number of images of the prototype back in September and have been making minor adjustments and tweaks since then. With all of the delays we felt to post the Tenth Doctor for pre-order, prior to delivering Amy, would promote further disappointment and negative feedback from our customers. Therefore we made the difficult decision to hold off on the pre-order.

We can now confirm that the Tenth Doctor is scheduled to be made available for pre-order in December. Shipping date will be confirmed in further updates. The Fourth Doctor pre-order is scheduled to follow in January, together with the costume and accessory packs pre-orders.

We appreciate that you guys have all been very patient and thank you for your continued support. We want to ensure you that despite the difficult year we have had, we are committed to delivering quality collectables to our customers.

If you have any further questions please email us at

The BIG Chief Team

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