Thursday, December 13, 2012

NEWS: The Disarticulators!

What happens when Man-E-Toy's Tru:Tek, The Amazing Zectron and BigManToys get together? You get awesome. And its name is The Disarticulators.

As revealed exclusively at Man-E-Toys, The Disarticulators is a collaborative project between the aforementioned artists, who share ''a joint passion for minis, MOTU, art toys and 80′s/90′s pop culture'' and so decided it was about time they all worked together on a series of ongoing and one-off releases celebrating their shared love.

First up is The Amazing Zectron's Higekami: Master of Beard-Fu. Landing at the beginning of next year, Higekami is the first figure from the team's 90s beat-em-up themed line, Super Hyper Neo Break Fighters.

Higekami will be cast from rubber and comes with his own retro-style packaging, as seen in the above image.

Tiny Terrors from the Deep is another videogame inspired collaboration (this time we're in X-Com: Terror from the Deep territory)  that sees all three artists contributing their own individual creations and showcases just how well their individual aesthetics work together. But for those keeping score, the Lobster Man is from Zectron's laboratory, BigManToys created PAT and the Bio-Drone is from Tru:Tek's fevered imagination. Again, expect to see these guys landing next year (although they may just show up at an as-yet-undisclosed Japanese toy show very soon....)

Finally the Masters of the Universe get a little homage action in the form of Kesh-E-Face, a crossover with the HUSTLE minifigure line and created by The Amazing Zectron. Standing at 3'' tall, this piece is an amalgam of all kinds of MOTU characters (and I'm sure fans have already figured that out) and will be available - again - next year, following his public unveiling at an another one of those undisclosed shows (this time in New York.)

We'll be bringing you more on this exciting collaboration when we have it but until then be sure to check out the reveal over at Man-E-Toys for more pics and info.


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