Thursday, December 6, 2012

NEWS: ''Dollar General'' GI Joes Found at Christmas Tree Shops

Their stores may not be a nationwide chain, but it seems the Christmas Tree Shops have begun stocking the  Basic Assortment GI Joes.

That's the story over at The HISS Tank, where they report that the six-figure wave - previously only found in Dollar General stores - have been spotted for sale in the Christmas Tree Shop chain of retail outlets.

Although the Christmas Tree Shops are only found in limited locations (New Hampshire, Philadelphia, Massachusetts and Connecticut) this does at least offer some hope to those who live in States with neither Christmas Tree Shops or Dollar General stores that perhaps the figures might just start showing up at other retail locations nationwide.

We'll keep you posted.

Source: The HISS Tank


  1. This is cool to hear! Am only missing one figure from this line...The Cobra Officer.

    1. Well hopefully another store will pick them up, too. Plus it shows there must be - at least I'd assume - more stock being delivered to stores.


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