Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NEWS: Exclusive - Realm of the Underworld Battle Pack Graphic, Wave 2 Teaser

We may not know (yet) what will be mounted upon it, but here's our exclusive look at the Realm of the Underworld Battle Pack backer card.

Zoloworld is continuing with the retro-style packaging seen with the figure releases, as you can see from this very cool image.

And if that wasn't cool enough, Zoloworld has also released some more teaser info on what we can expect to see in Wave 2:

The Underworld is a dark place filled with mystical power. Five rivers run into its core and act as barriers between planes. HADES has unleashed his ACROMANCER and ARCHFIEND armies. Their quest is to open gates to the Underworld so that the aura that emanates from the land of the dead will encompass the world of the living. Once all the gates are opened, HADES - The ruler of the Underworld can walk on the plane of mortality and create chaos, thus changing the world into darkness. Many curious wanderers have ventured into the dark realm through open gates; thence avoiding the payment of a coin to the CHARON (The Ferryman of the river STYX that carries souls between worlds.) HADES forcing his evil hand, cursed three evil warriors into Wraiths. These specters watch over the Underworld for any wandering entities that do not belong there. Prepare your shelves for the 2nd character reveal of WAVE TWO!

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  1. Ohh i can't wait! I have two of the first wave figures on pre-order and am excited for there arrive to my collection.

    1. Nice! And yeah, Wave 2 is looking very cool indeed!


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