Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NEWS: GI Joe: Retaliation Cyber Ninja and Alley Viper Galleries

The upcoming GI Joe: Retaliation figure images just keep coming! So how'd you like to see the Cyber Ninja and Alley Viper?

Again, The HISS Tank is our go-to guy for this round of images, featuring the remodeled Wraith (who is now The Cyber Ninja) and a re-paint/re-issue of fan-favorite the Alley Viper (who has now lost that all important hyphen...)

No word yet on an official release date but from the advanced state of the packaging and the completeness of these figures it looks like Hasbro has them all locked and loaded and ready to go.

Source: The HISS Tank


  1. Nice! Alley Vipers are always fun and that Cyber-Ninja looks like he came from the world of TRON.

    1. The Cyber Ninja is a repack/repaint/retool of the 25th Anniversary Wraith.


    2. Yup i have Wraith always reminds me of Iron Man when i look at it because of the Tony Stark like face under the helmet.

    3. Oh yeah! I forgot we've already had that conversation! :D


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