Monday, December 10, 2012

NEWS: Goodleg Toys' War on Prehis

Imagine if the Masters of the Universe, the WWF and the worst (which of course, means ''the best'') of those cheap dollar store toys were all smashed into pieces and re-assembled by Sid from Toy Story - in the middle of watching a marathon of 80s cheesy sci-fi-flicks - and you'll be at least part of the way to understanding this new line of retro action indie toys, War on Prehis.

Coming to us from Goodleg Toys - a co-collaboration between Berlin-based artist Pablo Perra and The Toy Sector's Luke Toywalker - the line is a celebration of all things weird and 80s, drawing from such influences as the aforementioned toy lines, dinosaurs (because dinosaurs are awesome) and zombies (because zombie dinosaurs are even more awesome.) As Luke explains:

I was having this idea of a line, combining both prehistoric and futuristic elements since quite a while now. A bit like MotU, but weirder... A bit like Dino Riders, but their world turned up side down... A bit like The Borg, but with a more zombie altered attitude. And while I was carrying this idea with me, the Berlin based artist Pablo Perra came my way and said "hey, don't you also want this thoughts out of your head and become reality?" And I said, "yes". That was about 3 months ago from now.

In the meantime we founded Goodleg Toys and started working on our first project, called War on Prehis (WoP). I came up with the outline and raw sketches of what the line was supposed to look like. And Pablo came up with the skills and brilliant ideas to mold vivid dreams into matter. The whole process was like giving birth to an old familiar friend.

There's still no word on a release date for the first wave of figures but we'll certainly be keeping an eye on this line - and Goodleg's other upcoming project, the Wrestlers of the Universe!

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