Monday, December 10, 2012

NEWS: Treegar ''Sapling'' Minifigure Release Info

BigManToys has just released the first info on the upcoming Treegar Minifigure.

Dubbed ''Sapling'' the 2'' figure will be available in a variety of colorways - including the above neon pink, MUSCLE pink and neon orange, plus a few surprises - alongside another run of the very cool Critters in an equally wide assortment of colors (see below) on Friday December 14th at 6PM EST.

Each figure retails at $13 a pop, so be sure to hit the BigManToys Store on Friday to secure yours but ahead of that, check the link below for more info on the origins of Treegar and his minifigure Sapling.

BigManToys - Critters/Treegar Saplings Double Drop on Friday!

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