Thursday, January 31, 2013

NEWS: Factory Entertainment to Release Archer Merchandise

FX's hit adult animated show, Archer, is to spawn a line of collectibles.

Factory Entertainment is set to unleash a series of tie-in merchandise lines, including plush toys, ''Shakem Premium Motion Statues'' (which sound like bobblehead dolls but with moving limbs) and - most exciting of all - action figures.

“We are big fans of the show and so a line of Archer licensed merchandise was a natural fit for us” said Jordan Schwartz, President and CEO of Factory Entertainment. "Its brilliant, edgy humor offers a rich resource of appealing and amusing product ideas” Schwartz continued, “we think Archer fans will be really pleased with what they see!”

So long as we get a Krieger action figure - and maybe his awesome van (complete with Virtual Girlfriend projector) - I'll be happy...

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