Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NEWS: Goodleg Announces WoTU ''Ice'' Series

The Wrestlers of the Universe bootleg insanity is set to take another step along the path of awesome with the release of the ''Ice'' Series of resin figures.

The above image appeared on the Goodleg Toys Facebook Page earlier today, along with a little explanation as to the what's, how's and when's of this new wave.

OK, since everybody seems to be after translucent WotU figs, we decided to start preorders soon. 

Both single figures and sets of all four Series 1 figs will be available. 

This week start preorders for the "Ice Series". Each color series will be up for preorder for about 2 weeks, before preorder for another translucent color series begins. We thought about at least 3 different series. Which means, besides the preorder for the "Ice Series", there are at least 2 more WotU preorders coming within in the next 6 weeks! Cool?

Questions, any color suggestions? Let us know!

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