Wednesday, January 9, 2013

NEWS: Half-Life 2 1:1 Scale Gravity Gun

The wait is almost over. NECA has announced that its 1:1 scale Half-Life 2 ZPEFM - AKA ''The Gravity Gun'' - prop will be available to pre-order later today.

At over 2 feet in length and sporting twin triggers, double-grips and LED displays the Gravity Gun was developed by NECA using 3D model data from Valve's in-game models. This (near) fully functional prop (the only thing it doesn't do is manipulate gravity fields) features light-up play features and sounds from the game and even incorporates a hidden, fold-away kickstand to aid display when not in use.

We've no word on a price or numbers yet but you can see more of this rather neat piece over at NECA's site, where we're also expecting to see an announcement on how you can grab one for yourself later today.

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